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  1. Palette

    Sit, relax, or sleep. As vibrant as you are, this sofa cum bed is the perfect combination of utility and style. Specifications (cm) 1-Seater: 88 x 85 x 84 Bed: 200 x 88 x 25 Learn More

  2. Nora

    Let your home redefine elegance. This lightweight sofa doubles up as a cosy bed making your home look classy and comfortable. Specification(CM) 3-Seater: 200 x 63 x 60 Bed: 200 x 128 x 45 Learn More

  3. Zenith

    Living room or bedroom, the choice is yours. Design your space creatively and smartly with this sofa cum bed. Specifications (cm) 3-Seater: 198x168x90 Bed: 180x191x44 Learn More

  4. Estelle

    Sink in it after a rough day. This stylish sofa gives you comfort while making your living room look trendy Specifications (cm) 3-Seater: 178 x 92.5 x 100 1-Seater: 86 x 92.5 x 100 Learn More

  5. Merlin

    Style your living room with this set of sofas. Firm, comfortable, and seamless; no movement goes unnoticed. But yours will. Specifications (cm) 3-Seater: 210 x 85 x 70 2-Seater: 160 x 85 x 70 1-Seater: 98 x 85 x 70 Learn More

  6. Balance

    Start conversations. Make a statement. This two-seater with a tea table adds luxury to your lifestyle. Specifications (cm) 3-Seater: 206 x 81 x 82 Learn More